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eagleinyourmind message board


I have recently started a message board dedicated to A Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Do Make Say Think, Fly Pan Am. pretty much constellation records artists at the moment.

I'm hoping to start a small community to discuss these amazing bands, so if you would like to also then join up and post away.

click below to head to the board.

Thanks, this is no competitive thing or anything,
-jonton (hexagon)
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good idea, but you should probably make change the forum's skin to something more appealing. the default blue skin you got going on is a bit boring.
Yeh im currently planning on working on a new skin for the forum, to make it fer much like the art from the artists discussed. thats if some people actually sign up heh.

Thanks for your words.
yeah, i'm going to sign up anyway.
you should add a section for tabs

ill sign up
do you have a recording of blind blind blind? i've been looking everywhere for it, but i can't find it anywhere! any chance you could email or send it to me? that would be amazing. my email is or hiayamcs on aim. you would pretty much automatically become my favorite person.
hey, i tried to email it but i cannot :s

here is where i got it from (their are two versions from two live shows) if you have not heard these yet i think you will love them.